Research interests

Consolidated Research interests

Numerical computing and programming. Numerical methods for scientific computation. Design and realization of simulation tools for spintronic devices. Modeling of materials for spintronic applications. Theoretical and applied spintronics. Modeling of thermally-assisted-magnetic-recording. Nanomagnetism. Spin-transfer torque effects. Spintronic devices: Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory design, Nano-oscillators, Microwave detectors. Modeling and characterizations of magnonic crystals. Nonlinear phenomena in physical systems (injection locking, stochastic resonance,…). Parallel computations on GPU-based technology (CUDATM). Biomedical applications of magnetoresistive devices. Processing of non-stationary signals.

New Research interests

Unconventional computing for the solution of complex optimization problems. I’m focusing on stochastic computing, memcomputing and reservoir computing paradigms and how those can be implemented in spintronic technology. In collaboration with Prof. Zhongming Zeng actually we are working on the development of spintronic devices for emulating synapses and neurons.