Check out our new work in Nature Electronics, where we demonstrate electrical control of antiferromagnetic order in a CMOS-compatible metallic antiferromagnet, using very low current density:


The technology may enable highly scaled, secure, and ultrafast MRAM based on antiferromagnetic materials, for AI and high-performance computing applications.

In collaboration with Pedram Khalili Amiri and Matthew Grayson. Kudos to the team: Jiacheng Shi, Victor Lopez-Dominguez, Hamid Almasi, Francesca Garesci, Chulin Wang.


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Physics Nobel Prize Winner, Albert Fert, guest at Unime

Physics Nobel Prize Winner Professor Albert Fert was a guest of the University as part of the “Spintronics and Robotics at Unime” conference. Professor Fert held a “Lectio Magistralis” lecture, entitled “The Route from Fundamental science to Innovation”. Aula Magna del Rettorato – 14 September 2018


Link to website UNIME

Interview with the professor Fert

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The 6th Italian Conference on Magnetism will be held in Messina, from January 30 to February 1, 2019. The Conference is promoted by the Italian Magnetism Society and organized by the “University of Messina”.  The Conference is aimed at presenting and discussing recent achievements in both fundamental and applied magnetism, putting together researchers from Universities, public Research Institutions and companies working in the field of magnetism. (link)

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Annual meeting 2018 IEEE Magnetics Society Italy Chapter

The Annual Meeting of Italian Chapter of IEEE Magnetics Society will be held in Gioiosa Marea (Messina), on June 3-6, 2018.

The co-chairs of the meeting, Prof. Giovanni Finocchio and Dr. Riccardo Tomasello, will introduce 15 invited talks, in the fields of applied magnetism, spintronics, and numerical methods, given by Italian researchers. (link)

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