“Joint Laboratory UNIME-SINANO of PETAscale computing and SPINtronics – PETASPIN”

The University of Messina – Italy (UNIME) and the Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, establish the research joint laboratory “Joint Laboratory UNIME-SINANO of PETAscale computing and SPINtronics” (acronym PETASPIN), from now on “Laboratory”.

The Laboratory carries out its activities through the direct collaboration about research topics, which both the Parties are interested in. The Laboratory aims to organize and coordinate the activities within their cooperation agreement (n. 518/2016). Members of the Laboratory may conduct:

  1. Research and development projects of common interest, also commissioned by third parties;
  2. Specialized activities of formation (internship, and the like or the related) and orientation, connected with the above mentioned research and development projects.
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