Cv Michele Gaeta




  • Born in: Messina, January 9th 1957
  • Address: Viale Regina Margherita 8, 98121 Messina, Italy
  • Mobile: 0039.340.1776823
  • Email:




  • July, 28th 1981: Degree in Medicine and Surgery at University of Messina – Summa cum Laude;

Title of the hesis: “CT of the liver”. The thesis describes the use of Computed Tomography in the diagnosis of focal and diffuse hepatic disease

  • Licence to practice Medicine and Surgery obtained from the University of Messina on November 1981

(Examination Session 2)

  • Post-graduate course (Italian Law April 18/1975 n.148 and D.M. October 28/1975) in Diagnostic Radiology from July, 1st 1982 until June, 30th 1983. Service of Diagnostic Radiology Piemonte Hospital, Messina.
  • October, 21/1985: European Board Certification in Diagnostic Imaging – Summa cum Laude; obtained from Institute of Radiological Sciences, University of Messina, Italy. Thesis on “Diagnostic Radiology of the Pterygopalatine fossa” . The thesis describe the disease involving the pterygopalatine fossa with emphasis on cancers.
  • From June, 09 /1987 until December, 14 /1988,

Research Fellowship with Grant from Regione Sicilia project n.59/M. Insitute of Radiological Sciences,

University of Messina.



From November, 1st 2014 FULL PROFESSOR of Radiology (Med36).

Department of Biomedical, Odontoiatric, Morphological and Functional Imaging Sciences, University of Messina, Messina, Italy

Institute of Radiological Sciences, Policlinico Universitario G Martino, Gazzi 98100 Messina, Italy. Tel. 0039 0902212941




From December 15/1988 until September 30/1998 Head of CT section Service of Diagnostic Radiology, Piemonte Hospital, Messina, Italy

From October 1/1998 until December 14/2010 Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging. CT and MRI sections. Institute of Radiological Sciences, University of Messina, Messina, Italy.

From April 06/2004 until December 31/2008 Consultant Radiologist Section of Diagnostic Imaging ex-INAM ASL n. 5 Messina, Italy

From December 15/2010 until October 31/2014 Associate Professor of Diagnostic Imaging. Department of Oncological Imaging. Institute of Radiological Sciences, University of Messina, Messina, Italy



  • Vice-chairman of the Department of Oncological Radiology
  • Coordination of Research Activities.
  • Writing proposals for research founding.
  • Supervisor of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Teacher in the following courses:

Medicine and Surgery – Diagnostic Imaging

Scienze Motorie, Sport, Salute –Malattie dell’apparato locomotore e principi di rieducazione motoria Tecniche

Audioprotesiche –Scienze dei servizi sanitari

Tecnici di Radiologia- Risonanza Magnetica

Several post-graduate schools in Medicine and Surgery



Former teacher of the National Courses for Specialists in Radiology, section Chest Radiology of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM)



Author or co-author of 175 papers on journal with impact factor (Scopus)

Author of 1 book and 6 book-chapters Hirsch Index on Scopus: 22

Number of Citations on Scopus 1837



  • 1999-2004 Nominated by Prof. A Baert (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium) president of the European Association of Radiology, as Member of the Scientific Board dell’ European Association of Radiology
  • from 2010 Scientific consultant of EUROPEAN IPF (Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) REGISTRY
  • Member of the Italian Board of Pompe Disease.



  • 1999-20004 Member of the Editorial Board of “European Radiology” section “Chest”
  • From 2011 Member of the Editorial Board of The Scientific World Journal



Former referee of the following international journals:

  • European Radiology,
  • Journal computer assisted tomography,
  • Chest



2013 – Multimodal Imaging Lab Activities”, “M.I.L.A. s.r.l. (Italy): The aim of this spin-off company is

the implementation of the “state of the art” tools for the post processing of medical images. Actually, it is fully involved in research programs for the post-processing analysis of diffusive-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), fat/water quantification, and perfusion MRI.



1993-1994: 2nd classified National Prize “L.Pigorini” for his research in the field of Thoracic




Non invasive quantification of fat content in the human tissue, including muscles (in neuromuscular disorders) and liver, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Improvement of techniques for fat quantification in human body.

On this topic Professor Gaeta and his co-workers published some influential articles,


Gaeta M, Scribano E, Mileto A, Mazziotti S, Rodolico C, Toscano A,

Settineri N, Ascenti G, Blandino A.

Dual-echo dual flip angle spoiled gradient-recalled MRI technique for quantification of muscle fat fraction in neuromuscular disorders. A feasibility study. Radiology 2011; 259: 487-94, 5-years I.F. 7.259, Scopus citations 30. This was the first validation of the use of MRI fat-quantification with Dixon technique in comparison with muscle biopsy.

Also on the base of this paper, in 2012 a consensus conference stated that muscle fat-quantification is mandatory for studying and management of patients with neuromuscular disorders.

Hollingsworth KG, deSousa P, Straub V, Carlier PG.

Towards harmonization of protocols for MRI outcome measures in skeletal muscle studies: Consensus

recommendations from two TREAT-NMD NMR workshops, 2 May 2010, Stockholm, Sweden, 1–2 October 2009, Paris, France Neuromuscular Disorders , Volume 22 , S54- S67



Michele Gaeta has been working from 25 years in the imaging of lung cancer, particularly adenocarcinoma, and published many papers on this topic on important international Radiological and Pneumological journals as Radiology, American Journal of Roentgenology, Chest, European Radiology etc. In addition many of these papers are cited in the most important radiological text on Chest Radiology, e.g. Fraser and Parè: Diagnosis of disease of the Chest, Webb, Muller, Naidich: High-resolution CT of the Lung, Hansell, Armstrong, Lynch, McAdams Imaging of the disease of the Chest, and much more. Moreover, two of these papers are cited in the bibliography of the new world classification of lung adenocarcinoma nternational (Association for the Study of Lung Cancer/American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society: International Multidisciplinary Classification of Lung Adenocarcinoma

William D. Travis, Elisabeth Brambilla, Masayuki Noguchi,

Andrew G. Nicholson, Kim Geisinger, Yasushi Yatabe,

Charles A. Powell, David Beer, Greg Riely, Kavita Garg,

John H. M. Austin, Valerie W. Rusch, Fred R. Hirsch,

James Jett, Pan-Chyr Yang, and Michael Gould

Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society 2011 8:5, 381-385).

Professor Gaeta also published some influential papers on abdominal imaging, neuroradiology, bone stress lesions in athletes, osteoid osteoma, Pompe disease , Duchenne disease, etc. cited in international books of diagnostic imaging.



Achille Mileto Radiology Residence

2009-2014 University of Messina

actual position Fellow Researcher Duke University Medical Center, Durham North Carolina, USA

Marino Maria Adele Radiology Residence

2009-2014 University of Messina

actual position Breast Fellow Researcher, Medical University of Vienna, Department of Biomedical Imaging, Vienna , Austria

Mormina Enrico Maria Radiology Residence

2010-2015 University of Messina

actual position Visiting Student, Mount Sinai Hospital New York, USA.

Minutoli Fabio Nuclear Medicine Residence

2003-2006 University of Messina

actual position Associate Professor, University Hospital of Messina, Italy .

Ricciardi Kenneth Giuseppe Radiology Residence

1998-2001 University of Messina

actual position Assistant, Teacher of Neuroradiology,

University Hospital Borgo Trento, Verona, Italy.

Arrigo Alessandro Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

2010-2015 University of Messina

actual position Researcher



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7. Minutoli F., Mazziotti S., Donato R., Gaeta M. (2011).

Muscle Fat-Fraction and Mapping in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Evaluation of Disease Distribution and Correlation with Clinical Assessments. A PreliminaryExperience.

In: 97th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA),. Chicago Illinois USA, November 27th – December 2nd, 2011, p. 883

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Opposed-phase MR imaging of lipid storage myopathyin a case of Chanarin–Dorfman disease.

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Contrast-enhanced MR imaging with fat suppression in adult-onset septic spondylodiscitis.


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