Cv Demetrio Milardi




  • Born in: Sassari, August 8th 1974
  • Address: University of Messina Medical Center , Via Consolare Valeria 1, 98125 -Messina (ITALY),
  • Tel: ++ 39 (090) 2217143 Fax: ++ 39 (090) 692449
  • Email:


1993 Liceo Classico – G.B.Impallomeni, Milazzo (ME), Italy

1995-2002 Internal Anatomy Internship, Policlinico Universitario di Messina, Department of Biomorphology ana Biotchnologies, Messina, Italy ; Chairman: Prof. Anastyasi G.

2002 Degree in Medicine and Surgery at University of Messina

2003 Licence to practice Medicine and Surgery obtained from the University of Messina

2006 European Board Certification in Sport Medicine – Summa cum Laude; obtained from Institute of Sport Medicine, University of Messina, Italy

2006 Summer School (I) in “Neuranatomy and Clinical Neurosciences”. University of Messina and Virgina Commonwealth University of Richmond

2007 Summer School (II) in “Neuranatomy and Clinical Neurosciences”. Virgina Commonwealth University of Richmond and university of messina “”, ottenendo il relativo attestato.

2009 Research Fellowship in Movement Sciences, University of Messina

Actual employment:

From March, 30st 2011 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR of Anatomy (BIO/16).

Department of Biomedical, Odontoiatric, Morphological and Functional Imaging Sciences, University of Messina, Messina, Italy- Policlinico Universitario G Martino, Gazzi 98100 Messina, Italy. Tel. 0039 0902213361


Academic Interests:



Study of Neuroplasticity within sensory-motor cortex in healthy humans and in basal ganglia disorders.

Sport Medicine

Motor Rehabilitation and Robotic rehabilitation


Research Fields

Medical Imaging:

High resolution morpho-functional RMN exams of Central Nervous system, Peripheral Nervous System, Spinal cord and muscles.

Post processing cerebral and muscular RMN, f-MRI, DT-MRI

Fiber Tracking

TC- three-dimentional reconstruction for pre-operative planning

Imaging with CLSM


Motor Rehabilitation:

Techniques: management of virtual reality systems: Caren Moteck, Hocoma systems such us Lokomat, Erigo, Armeo.

Movement analysis with Gait Analysis and Motion Picture systems.


Assistential activity:

Sports medicine.

Motor Rehabilitation.

Postural Analysis, Static analysis, Stabilometric Analysis, Baropodometric analysis, gait analysis.



2014 – Multimodal Imaging Lab Activities”, “M.I.L.A. s.r.l. (Italy): The aim of this spin-off company is the implementation of the “state of the art” tools for the post processing of medical images. Actually, it is fully involved in research programs for the post-processing analysis of diffusive-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), fat/water quantification, and perfusion MRI.

Selected papers

Volume Rendering Based On Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Advances In Understanding The Three-Dimensional Anatomy Of The Human Knee.
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Hemispheric Prevalence During Chewing In Normal Right-Handed And Left-Handed Subjects. A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study.
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Immunohistochemical analysis of TGF-β1 and VEGF in gingival and periodontal tissues: a role of these biomarkers in the pathogenesis of scleroderma and periodontal disease.
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Cortical and Subcortical Connections of the Human Claustrum Revealed In Vivo
by Constrained Spherical Deconvolution Tractography

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Who May Benefit From Armeo Power Treatment? A Neurophysiological Approach to Predict Neurorehabilitation Outcomes

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PM and R, 20015