If you attend the conference online, you only have to pay the 2021 SIFA subscription here, if you haven’t already.

If you attend the conference in-person, you need to pay the 2021 SIFA subscription as above, if you haven’t already, and the conference fee with a bank transfer to the SIFA bank account (early-bird discount available until August 8th!).
Else, you can pay the conference fee upon your arrival at the conference, but the early-bird discount won’t be available anymore.
Here are the details for the bank transfer:
Name: Società Italiana di Filosofia Analitica
Business name: Cariparma Credit-Agricole
Address: Via Armorari, 4, 20123 Milano (MI)
IBAN: IT07H0623001627000045841814
Please make sure to email the treasurer Samuele Iaquinto to let him know that you have made the bank transfer.

For the Conference Fee (including: registration, conference materials, and coffee breaks. Note: the conference fee does not include the conference dinner) there are new deadlines.

If paid BEFORE August 27th, 2021:
Euro 50,00: faculty
Euro 25,00: others

If paid AFTER August 27th, 2021:
Euro 70,00: faculty
Euro 35,00: others